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Texas Rep. Chip Roy Says the State Should “Ignore” The Supreme Court’s Order to Use Razor Wires!


CNS NewsIn a bold statement challenging federal authority, Texas Representative Chip Roy urged the state to disregard a recent Supreme Court ruling on the removal of razor wire barriers along the southern border. The Supreme Court, in a close 5-4 decision, sided with the Biden administration’s emergency request, arguing that these barriers impede federal agents’ operations.

The ruling underlines the federal government’s exclusive right to control borders and regulate immigration. Rep. Roy, in his interview with Fox News Digital, emphasized the state’s constitutional duty to protect its citizens, critiquing the Supreme Court for overlooking this responsibility.

He equated the situation to a homeowner’s right to defend their property, suggesting that Texas should prioritize its citizens’ safety over the court’s directive. This stance echoes Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s criticism of the ruling.

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Abbott vowed to continue defending Texas’ constitutional authority against what he perceives as federal overreach. This tension highlights the ongoing conflict between state and federal jurisdictions, particularly in matters of border security and immigration policy.

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