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The Florida School District Looks in Dictionaries to Find Words that Mean “Sexual Conduct”!


CheapNailsalonsnearmeIn a move that has ignited controversy and legal challenges, the Escambia County School district in Pensacola, Florida, has removed several dictionaries and encyclopedias from school libraries. This decision aligns with Florida law HB 1069, signed by Governor Ron DeSantis, which restricts access to materials containing descriptions of “sexual conduct” in classrooms.

During the summer break of 2023, the district officials removed at least eight encyclopedias and five dictionaries. The removal extended to other titles as well, including ‘The Guinness Book of World Records’ and ‘Ripley’s Believe It or Not,’ along with significant biographical works like ‘Thurgood Marshall’ and ‘Anne Frank’s Diary of a Young Girl.’

The total count of books removed exceeds 1,600, according to Pen America. This drastic action has led to Pen America, publisher Penguin Random House, and several authors filing a federal lawsuit against the district, claiming the ban infringes upon free speech rights. A federal judge has allowed this lawsuit to proceed, recognizing its standing.

Advocacy groups, including the Florida Education Association (FEA), have criticized the ban, perceiving it as a move prioritizing political agendas over educational needs. The district officials, however, assert that the books were not banned but pulled for review to ensure compliance with new legislation. Yet, less than 100 of these books have undergone review to date.

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This incident in Florida is not isolated but part of a broader trend of book bans in the United States, especially in Republican-led states like Texas, Virginia, and Florida. These bans, often driven by restrictive education laws, have led to the removal of a vast array of literature from school environments, sparking national debates about censorship, freedom of speech, and the role of education in shaping young minds.

As the situation unfolds, the balance between adhering to state laws and preserving access to a broad spectrum of literature remains a contentious issue, one that challenges the core principles of education and freedom of expression in the United States.

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