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The Mississippi Department of Public Safety Has Announced a New Look for Driver’s Licenses


JACKSON, Miss. – A new design for the Mississippi driver’s license has been revealed by the Driver Service Bureau of the Mississippi Department of Public Safety.

The new design includes the new state flag, a guitar, the shape of the state, and musical notes, all of which are symbols of Mississippi.

Governor Tate Reeves said, “This new design does a great job of capturing the unique spirit of Mississippi.” “I hope people all over Mississippi are proud to wear it.”

The Mississippi Department of Public Safety and Attorney General held the second annual Mississippi Public Safety Summit last month. The new design was shown to Governor Reeves, Attorney General Fitch, Commissioner Tindell, and everyone else who came, including the state’s police chiefs, prosecutors, and fire chiefs.

Commissioner Sean Tindell said, “We are very excited to come up with this new design.” “We can’t wait to show our residents it.” Thanks to everyone who worked on this project and our friends at Idemia.

All driver’s service centers across the state should have the new look by July 1, 2024. Licenses with the old style will still work as long as they haven’t run out of time. It is possible to buy a renewal license if you want the new look.

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