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This City Has Been Named the Cheapest Place to Live in Alaska!


CNS NewsThe diverse culture, plentiful wildlife, and stunning natural scenery of Alaska have earned the state international acclaim. Living expenses in the Last Frontier are greater than the national average, which might make it a relatively costly place to call home.

The good news is that you may live well on a smaller budget without compromising quality in a few Alaskan cities. King Cove is one such city; it is a small village on the Alaska Peninsula’s eastern coast.

Cheapest City in Alaska

King Cove has the lowest cost of living index of any Alaskan city, at 76.8, according to a study by USA by Numbers. Compared to the state average, this number is 23.2% lower. Things including accommodation, transportation, food, health, and utilities are ranked.

With a typical house value of $112,500, King Cove is 63.5% less expensive than the state average. Additionally, the rent is affordable at $625 per month, which is 50.4% lower than the average in the state. Groceries, healthcare, and utilities are all priced lower in the town, which adds to its allure for budget-conscious individuals.

King Cove’s allure and picturesque beauty extend beyond its price. The town boasts stunning vistas and a plethora of outdoor leisure options, being encircled by mountains, volcanoes, and the Pacific Ocean. A strong feeling of community and cultural identity is fostered by King Cove’s 1,000+ residents, the majority of whom are of Aleut heritage.

This City Has Been Named the Cheapest Place to Live in Alaska!

A contemporary harbor, a fish processing factory, a school, a library, a community center, churches, and a school are all necessary amenities in this town. A charming, affordable, and scenic Alaskan community, King Cove is a great choice for anyone looking for a new home. It offers a fantastic quality of life, a cheap cost of living, and the chance to experience Alaska like no other.

Some Other Affordable Cities in Alaska

1. Valdez: Situated on the northern shore of Prince William Sound, this town boasts a cost of living index that is 21.8% lower than the state average, at 78.2. This city has a median home value of $189,900.

2. Compared to the rest of the state, this city’s cost of living index is 19.1 points lower, at 79.1. Located on the Kotlik River’s eastern bank, the median home value in Kotlik is $75,000.

3. Anchorage: With a cost of living index of 91.4, which is 8.6% lower than the state average, Anchorage is the biggest and most populous city in Alaska. In Anchorage, a home can be bought for an average of $334,900.

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Many people are drawn to Alaska because of its vast nature and lively culture, but the high cost of living might be a deterrent. However, affordable options like King Cove show that those who are careful with their money may still live the Alaskan dream.

King Cove is a great alternative for people looking for a genuine Alaskan experience without breaking the bank due to its stunning surroundings, friendly community, and surprisingly low cost of living.

Keep in mind that prices vary across the state; if you’re looking for an affordable Alaskan trip, consider Valdez, Kotlik, or even Anchorage as options. Hop on board, immerse yourself in the pioneering spirit of the Last Frontier, and discover the Alaskan city that perfectly suits your needs and fits your budget.

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