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Trump Calls New York Civil Trial a ‘Fraud on Me’ as Judge Lets Him Speak During the Final Argument!


CNS NewsIn a dramatic turn of events, former President Donald Trump vocally criticized the ongoing civil fraud trial against him in New York, labeling it as “a fraud on me.” This outburst came during the closing arguments of the trial, overseen by State Judge Arthur Engoron, who has promised a ruling by the end of the month.

Trump’s remarks were made after his attorney, Chris Kise, secured permission for him to speak for a few minutes, focusing on the facts of the case. However, Trump’s statement quickly escalated into a broader denunciation of the trial, the judge, and New York Attorney General Letitia James. He accused James of political bias and the case of being a form of persecution.

The trial, which began on October 2nd, centers around allegations that Trump and his company, the Trump Organization, engaged in persistent fraud, particularly in inflating the value of properties to secure favorable loan terms and insurance policies. If found liable, Trump could face up to $370 million in fines and a permanent ban from New York’s real estate industry.

Trump Calls New York Civil Trial a 'Fraud on Me' as Judge Lets Him Speak During the Final Argument!

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During the trial, the state’s legal team presented evidence suggesting intentional fraud, including discrepancies in the valuation of Trump’s properties. The defense, however, argued that the financial statements were prepared by trusted accountants and had no material impact on Trump’s dealings with banks.

This case is one of several legal challenges facing Trump, who is also involved in potential criminal trials and a defamation suit. The outcome of this trial could significantly impact Trump’s business ventures and his public image, especially in light of his expressed interest in another presidential run.

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