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Trump Lawyer Claims Judge Was ‘Mentor’ for E. Jean Carroll’s Attorney to Discredit $83.3M Verdict!


CNS NewsIn an intriguing twist to the legal battles surrounding Donald Trump, his attorney Alina Habba has raised concerns about potential bias in an $83.3 million defamation verdict against the former president.

The contention revolves around an alleged undisclosed relationship between the presiding judge, senior U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan, and E. Jean Carroll’s lead attorney, Roberta Kaplan, dating back to their tenure at the law firm Paul Weiss in the early 1990s.

Habba’s allegations stem from an anonymous claim that Judge Kaplan once served as a mentor to Roberta Kaplan, despite no familial relation between the two. This historical connection, according to Habba, could have influenced the trial’s proceedings, warranting a comprehensive inquiry into the nature of their relationship.

Trump Lawyer Claims Judge Was ‘Mentor’ for E. Jean Carroll's Attorney to Discredit $83.3M Verdict!

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The defense’s appeal for transparency and a potential retrial highlights the complexities of legal ethics and the importance of impartiality in the judiciary. While the Kaplans’ shared professional background raises questions, legal experts argue that the mere overlap in their careers at a large law firm does not necessarily imply a conflict of interest.

This challenge to the verdict underscores the intricate strategies employed in high-profile legal disputes and the ongoing scrutiny of judicial conduct in cases involving prominent figures like Trump.

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