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Two Kids and a Woman in Alabama Are Recovering From a Shark Attack in Walton County


WALTON COUNTY, Fla. – After three people were attacked by sharks on Friday afternoon, police continued to patrol the beaches on Sunday and tell swimmers to be careful.

Three people were hurt: two young girls and a woman in her 45s. The strikes happened only 4 miles apart.

Two young girls were seriously hurt, but one of them is now stable. Her mother gave a report on how her daughter was doing.

At the time of the attack, Lulu Gribbin was visiting from Birmingham, Alabama, with her mother and some friends. Their mother wrote that they were at Rosemary Beach. Before the attack, the teen was at the first beach with some friends.

Lulu’s mother says the shark bit her arm and leg before it bit McCray Faust, her friend.

Because Gribbin’s injuries were so bad, she was rushed to Ascension Sacred Heart Pensacola and had to have surgery right away. Her right leg and left arm were cut off. Lulu’s mother wrote on the Internet that her daughter is now in good condition but will need up to five more surgeries to finish losing her limbs.

The mother of Lulu thanked everyone who helped save her daughter and prayed for her during this hard time.

The woman whose left hand lost the bottom half was taken to HCA Fort Walton Destin to get help. The hospital confirmed that she is also in stable health.

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