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Two Suspects Are in Police Custody After a Father of Two is Found Dead and Buried in a Shallow Hole in Washington State


The body of a father of two was found in a small grave near the Nisqually River in Washington state. Two people have been arrested on suspicion of murder.

Robert Erwin, a homeless man in his early 40s, was found dead in a shallow hole near the Nisqually River on June 4. The Thurston County Sheriff’s Office has been looking into his death.

“Today, with the assistance of Yelm Police, Tumwater Police, and the Thurston County Narcotics Task Force, TCSO detectives have arrested and booked a man and woman in their mid-30s from the Yelm area for Rendering Criminal Assistance, Tampering with Physical Evidence and Unlawful Disposal of Human Remains,” Lt. Mike Brooks told a press release.

Amanda Douglass, Erwin’s sister, told FOX 13 Seattle that her brother had problems with his mental health and with drugs. Even though he had problems, Douglass said that his family, especially his two boys, loved him.

Douglass told FOX 13 that her brother’s case was first looked at as a missing person case because the sheriff’s office had no reason to think it was a murder case.

“It’s really hard to get around in. “To be told that a loved one was brutally killed and then dumped,” Douglass told FOX 13 when she heard that her brother had been killed. “My brother wasn’t just a homeless scumbag living on the streets.”

The sheriff’s office hasn’t said anything else about the suspects or why the killings happened.

Source: FOX News

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