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Two Wisconsin Deputies Injured in Struggle to Arrest Man for Bond Violations


WYOCENA, Wis. – A 46-year-old man from Wisconsin was arrested on Friday after an animal welfare report led police to find that he had broken his bond by drinking alcohol.

The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office says that deputies went to a house in the town of Wyocena and talked to the resident, who was identified as 46-year-old Brent Paul, while following up on the report.

During his conversation with Paul, the officer learned that he was on felony bond for several cases and was not allowed to drink or have alcohol.

There were signs that Paul was impaired, so the officer gave him alcohol and tried to arrest him for breaking his bond.

But Paul didn’t want to talk to the deputy and tried to fight him off. It was a struggle for a few minutes before help came. Paul was finally arrested with the use of a Taser and with no further problems.

When Paul’s house was searched, several guns were found, which are illegal for him to have. Among the charges against him were battery on law enforcement and resisting an officer causing soft tissue damage. He was taken to the Columbia County Jail and booked.

Paul fought back actively when deputies tried to arrest him, hurting two of them and needing medical care.

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