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Unbelievable! Florida Man Arrested for Stealing from Construction Sites with USPS Mail Truck!


CNS NewsA startling incident in Lehigh Acres, Florida, has led to the arrest of a United States Postal Service (USPS) employee, 39-year-old Cristian Huarte, for allegedly stealing construction materials from a home construction site. The Lee County Sheriff’s Office took Huarte into custody following a series of events captured on security cameras and witnessed by the property owner’s wife.

The situation unfolded when the owner’s wife, upon noticing suspicious activity on their security footage, approached a USPS truck parked at the site. She found Huarte loading construction items, including bags of mortar, onto the vehicle.

Huarte initially complied with her demand to return the stolen items but was later seen discarding other construction supplies, including cement blocks and rebar, across the street. This act of theft observed and reported by the property owner, led to the identification and arrest of Huarte.

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The local post office head assisted in identifying him, and further investigations linked him to similar thefts at other construction sites. Huarte now faces charges of grand theft, shedding light on a surprising breach of trust from a public service employee.

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