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Understanding the Galveston Lift Stations’ Noise Alarm: Essential Information for Residents!


Galveston residents have recently been concerned about a loud buzzing noise emanating from the city’s lift stations. The City of Galveston has acknowledged these concerns, clarifying that the lift stations are functioning correctly.

This noise is an alarm that activates when the lift station’s wet well becomes full, a frequent occurrence during storms as rainwater enters the sanitary sewer system. Lift stations are critical for pumping waste and sewage to higher elevations. The alarm, accompanied by flashing red lights, is an integral part of this system, ensuring proper functioning.

Residents living close to these stations are likely to hear this alarm. The City reassures that this does not indicate any malfunction or issue with the sanitary sewer system in residential or business areas. The City has received requests from residents to disable the alarm.

Understanding the Galveston Lift Stations' Noise Alarm: Essential Information for Residents!

However, deactivating it would violate regulations set by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. The alarm’s presence is a standard feature in lift stations, and its activation is a normal process, signifying the system’s operation in handling excess rainwater and waste.

Residents are advised that the infiltration of rainwater into the sanitary system during storms is normal. The current alarms serve as an indication that the system is effectively managing and transporting the additional water and waste.

For concerns about potential issues with the sanitary sewer system, such as sewage backup in homes or businesses, or visible sewage from street manholes, residents are urged to contact the City at 409-797-3630. These instances could signify actual problems with the sewer system, unlike the alarm noise​​.

Understanding the Galveston Lift Stations' Noise Alarm: Essential Information for Residents!

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