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Update on Stimulus Check: One State’s Residents Will Receive a $1,312 Payment in March!


CNS NewsNew state checks in Alaska might give residents $1,300 more. As of March 13, Alaska will distribute $1,312 cheques to “Eligible-Not-Paid” residents via the Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD). Alaskan mining revenue funds the payments, which begin on March 21. All eligible residents receive payments in October each year.

“The 2023 PFD marks the 42nd year Alaskans have received their share of the state’s natural resource wealth,” stated Alaska Department of Revenue Commissioner Adam Crum. “I would like to thank our Permanent Fund Dividend Division for their tireless work year-round in administering the program and processing the applications.”

The state processed 8,000 more applications in 2023 than in 2022, and Crum estimated the PFD will bring $1 billion to Alaska. Alaskans must know a few things to qualify. First, they can’t leave the state soon. The PFD doesn’t go to state prisoners either. If eligible, you can apply online or by mail until March 31.

United Tax.AI president Matt Stratman said the PFD has been related to increasing employment and economic growth in the state, especially when inhabitants struggle with high inflation. “By providing a financial cushion, the PFD empowers Alaskans to invest in their futures, whether through education, entrepreneurship, or other avenues for personal growth,” he said.

The payments use Alaska’s natural resources and benefit all citizens equitably. “As this month’s checks are distributed, Alaskans can appreciate the unique opportunity this program offers and its potential to positively impact their lives,” Stratman.

Other Payment Options

Since federal stimulus payments ceased in 2021, many Americans wonder if they’ll get another in 2024. During the epidemic, 476 million financial aid payments totaled $814 billion. However, analysts think the federal government is unlikely to issue further payouts four years after the coronavirus.

“The focus has shifted to economic recovery, and additional stimulus checks are not on current legislative agendas,” Tax Prep Tech founder Zack Hellman told Newsweek. However, several states have instituted incentives to help suffering residents during economic turmoil. Pennsylvanians might receive $1,000 more after expanding its property tax and rent refund program.

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Update on Stimulus Check: One State's Residents Will Receive a $1,312 Payment in March!

About 175,000 more Pennsylvanians will get property tax or rent rebates. The Vermont Property Tax Credit aids property taxpayers. If they match other qualifications and have a homestead, their 2023/2024 property taxes qualify them. Several factors determine the maximum credit, which is $5,600 for education property taxes and $2,400 for municipal taxes.

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