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US Dentist Faces Potential Eye Loss Following Alleged Stabbing by Former Patient


A young dentist from Louisiana is unfortunately facing the prospect of losing one of her eyes due to a violent incident that occurred in her office.

The recent attack on Dr. Katherine ‘Katie’ Tran and her colleagues, resulting in the arrest of Sharon Stewart, serves as a stark reminder of the alarming trend of workplace violence against healthcare professionals in the US.

This issue has been extensively covered by the Associated Press, highlighting the unfortunate reality that healthcare professionals face a higher risk of injuries from violence compared to other industries, including law enforcement.

According to documents filed by local authorities at the state criminal courthouse in New Orleans, it is alleged that Stewart visited Tran’s dental center in Louisiana on 7 February and requested a meeting with her.

According to the police, a co-worker of Tran witnessed a startling scene: Stewart was standing over the dentist, brandishing a knife with a three-inch blade.

According to police documents, one of Tran’s colleagues overheard her saying, “I got stabbed in the face,” as blood flowed from her eye. Stewart reportedly pursued Tran, 32, as the dentist hurried into another room and secured herself inside.

Stewart Accused of Harmful Behavior Toward Tran’s Office Employees

A young dentist from Louisiana is unfortunately facing the prospect of losing one of her eyes due to a violent incident that occurred in her office.

Stewart allegedly engaged in harmful behavior towards two additional employees at Tran’s office, including one individual who intervened to protect the dentist. According to the police, one of the employees who was allegedly targeted by Stewart was heard screaming, claiming that she was being attacked.

According to court documents, Stewart, who is 55 years old, fled from Tran’s office before the police arrived. However, she was eventually apprehended by the authorities after conducting a thorough search of the nearby neighborhood.

She was taken into custody for charges of attempted second-degree murder and aggravated assault prior to her appearance at a bail hearing on Thursday.

During the hearing, it was reported by a local news outlet that Tran had suffered injuries to her left eye and the right side of her neck, as stated by the prosecutor. According to the prosecutor, it is highly probable that Tran will lose the injured eye.

According to, the prosecutor detailed the events surrounding Tran’s stabbing, mentioning that Stewart was already wanted for allegedly attempting to set a man’s apartment on fire on January 31st.

According to the victim, he informed the police that Stewart had violently attacked him with a hammer and made menacing remarks towards him in the days leading up to the incident. It is alleged that she then went to his residence, lit a match, and set his window on fire. The man successfully extinguished the fire with assistance from a neighbor.

Meanwhile, on 9 January, a woman claimed that she and her daughters had a confrontation in a beauty store parking lot with Stewart, who then proceeded to follow them to a nearby pharmacy.

According to, the woman requested that Stewart pursue counseling due to allegations of identity theft and food stamp theft. Stewart allegedly made threats towards the woman’s family, stating that she would take action at the appropriate moment.

A civil court judge signed an order on 29 January, prohibiting Stewart from contacting or going near that woman. The judge presiding over Stewart’s bail hearing on Thursday in relation to Tran’s stabbing has ruled that she will be held without bond until at least February 15th.

In addition to the charges of arson and battery, the police have also booked Stewart for his involvement in the previous incidents where a man’s apartment was reportedly set on fire.

There is no mention of Stewart’s relationship with Tran in the court records. However, Carolyn, Tran’s sister, verified that Stewart had previously been a patient of Katie Tran. Carolyn Tran chose not to provide any additional information.

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