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What if Lawless GOP House Members Decline to Declare the 2024 Election?


CNS NewsAs the United States inches closer to the 2024 elections, there looms a potential constitutional crisis precipitated by the refusal of some Republican lawmakers to certify electoral results. The specter of this crisis is rooted in the actions and attitudes of current Republican members of the House, including Speaker Michael Johnson, who previously contested the certification of the 2020 election results.

This group’s past behavior raises alarming questions about their commitment to the democratic process and the peaceful transition of power. The apprehension is that come January 2025, a Republican majority in the House could obstruct the certification of Electoral College results from states narrowly won by Democratic candidates.

Such a scenario could thrust the decision of the presidency into the hands of state delegations, potentially skewing the outcome in favor of the Republican nominee, presumably Donald Trump. This potential subversion of democratic norms is not merely speculative; it is grounded in the refusal of prominent Republicans, including Rep. Elise Stefanik, to guarantee the certification of future election outcomes.

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Stefanik’s evasion, coupled with unfounded allegations about the fairness of the 2020 elections, exemplifies a disturbing trend toward undermining public trust in the electoral system. The reluctance of Republican leadership to commit to upholding the results of the forthcoming elections poses a significant threat to the foundational principles of American democracy.

It is imperative that the media and the public demand clarity and commitment from these leaders to respect the will of the electorate, thus averting a crisis that could irreparably damage the nation’s democratic fabric.

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