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Woman Who Left Her Son Stuffed in Suitcase Sues the Court for Over $31 Million in Damages


In her claim, a woman is asking for millions of dollars because she says the court clerk messed up her case. It was said that the woman killed her five-year-old son and left his body in a bag in a rural part of Washington County.

The mother of Cairo Jordan, Dejaune Anderson, has sued the Washington County Court Clerk’s office, saying that her handwritten requests to the courts were not treated properly.

Anderson has recently asked the court for more than $31 million to cover the losses and damages she says she has suffered since she was arrested in March.

Anderson gave a thorough list of costs, damages, and losses, which included over $30 million just for journals her great-grandmother and other relatives had left behind, according to

There is also an outstanding amount of around $60,000 for rent and utilities for an apartment in California.

Anderson is also asking for more than $900,000 to pay for future medical care for injuries she says happened while she was in jail.

From what she has said before, it sounds like she was attacked with a chemical that was similar to “Agent Orange,” which was used by the US military in the Vietnam War. She also said that while she was in the Washington County Jail, she had health problems like losing teeth, losing muscle mass, and getting chemical burns in her throat.

Anderson is still being held in jail without the chance of getting bail. Put June 20 on your calendars, because that’s when she will be in court again.

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