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Women Take Charge: A Surge in Female Gun Ownership for Self-Protection!


In recent years, a significant shift has occurred in the landscape of gun ownership, with an increasing number of women choosing to become armed for personal safety. This trend, highlighted by a surge in female gun ownership, underscores a broader movement of women taking proactive steps to ensure their safety in a world perceived as increasingly dangerous.

Key Drivers of The Trend

  • Personal Experiences: A notable factor contributing to this trend is the personal experiences of women with violence or threats, such as domestic abuse, stalking, or witnessing crimes. These experiences have prompted many women to seek means of self-defense, viewing gun ownership as a way to be their first responders.
  • Self-Defense Training: Robin Evans, founder of Chicks with Triggers, has been instrumental in this shift. Her company, launched during the pandemic, focuses on equipping women with gun safety and self-defense skills. The business has seen rapid growth, now hosting classes for 25-30 women each weekend across multiple states.

Women Take Charge: A Surge in Female Gun Ownership for Self-Protection!

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  • Clientele Experiences: Approximately 60% of Evans’s clients have faced dangerous situations, such as domestic abuse or kidnapping. This reality has fueled the demand for women-centered firearm training and purchasing experiences.
  • Cultural and Demographic Shifts: Initially, Evans’s clientele predominantly consisted of Black women, reflecting her background. However, the demographic has diversified significantly, now including women of various ethnicities, indicating a broader acceptance and interest in gun ownership among diverse female populations​.

Statistics and Observations

  • Record Gun Sales: The year 2020 witnessed a record number of gun sales, with an estimated 23 million firearms sold. This period saw a significant rise in gun ownership among women, with about half of the firearm customers being women between 2019 and 2021.
  • Empowerment and Preparedness: The trend is not just about owning a firearm; it’s about empowerment and preparedness. Services like “try before you buy” offer women a chance to become familiar with firearms, ensuring comfort and confidence in handling them​.
  • Systemic Issues: The increase in female gun ownership is also seen as a response to systemic issues. Women express frustration with the justice system and law enforcement, feeling that their concerns are not taken seriously. This sentiment has driven many to seek self-reliance in matters of personal safety.

Women Take Charge: A Surge in Female Gun Ownership for Self-Protection!

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The rise in female gun ownership is a multifaceted phenomenon driven by personal safety concerns, experiences with violence, and a desire for empowerment. It reflects a significant cultural shift, with women across various demographics taking proactive steps to ensure their safety and security. This trend also points to broader societal issues, including the need for more responsive and sensitive law enforcement and judicial systems to the concerns of women.

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