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5 Suspects Arrested for Store Robbery in San Bernardino County!


Five people were caught after a violent theft at a San Bernardino County Ross Dress for Less shop. The Chino Police Department said that the suspects were only named as two teens and three adults. On November 11, police were called to the 4000 block of Grand Avenue to a Ross Dress for Less store where someone was trying to rob it.

Employees of the store told cops that the suspects had come in and started stealing things from the racks. Police say that when workers approached the thieves, one of them punched a worker in the face several times.

The suspects then drove away from the store in a getaway car before the police could arrive. Officers from the gang unit started looking into it and a few days later they found the suspects’ car. Police say that when they were asked about the theft at the Ross store, the accused admitted that they were in the car.

All five suspects, who live in Pomona, were arrested on charges of planning to commit a crime and trying to rob someone by force. The suspects’ names were not made public because the probe is still going on.

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