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A Migrant Was Arrested in Brooklyn After Hitting a Man with A Rock During an Attempted Robbery!


CNS NewsIn a disturbing incident that unfolded on the streets of Brooklyn, a migrant identified as Jason Sanchez, aged 26, was apprehended by law enforcement officers after allegedly assaulting a 50-year-old man with a rock during an attempted robbery. The harrowing ordeal transpired in the neighborhood of Greenpoint, prompting a swift response from the New York Police Department.

Reports indicate that Sanchez believed to be of Guatemalan descent, violently attacked the victim, striking him in the head with a rock in an apparent bid to seize his wallet. Despite suffering facial lacerations, the victim declined medical attention at the scene of the crime.

Following his apprehension, Sanchez was charged with attempted robbery, assault, and criminal possession of a weapon, underscoring the severity of his actions. Notably, investigations revealed that the suspect’s last known address corresponds to a homeless shelter close to the site of the incident.

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The incident has reignited discussions surrounding public safety and the handling of cases involving migrants, prompting calls for enhanced collaboration between local law enforcement agencies and federal authorities. Mayor Eric Adams has voiced concerns over such incidents, advocating for potential revisions to existing laws to address the issue effectively.

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