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Unexpected: A Huge Number of People Have Logged Off of Facebook and Instagram!


CNS NewsOn Tuesday, a significant disruption hit Meta platforms, affecting countless users across the United States. According to reports from Downdetector, thousands found themselves unexpectedly logged out of Facebook, Instagram, and other Meta products. The outage, which began around 9:15 a.m. CT, led to a surge in reports, with at least 125,825 users experiencing login issues on Facebook alone.

The problem escalated rapidly, with the number of outages reported reaching 566,750 by 10:02 a.m. CT. Users faced a frustrating experience as they were abruptly logged out and directed to a sign-in screen, only to encounter an error message preventing them from logging back in.

The disruption affected individuals nationwide, with reports flooding in from various locations, including Washington D.C., Los Angeles, and even the Mid-South region around Memphis. The outage also impacted Instagram, another platform owned by Meta, with 56,485 users reporting issues on Downdetector by 9:45 a.m. CT.

While users took to social media platforms like Twitter to express their frustrations, Meta’s communications representative, Andy Stone, acknowledged the problem and assured users that the company was actively working to resolve it. Meta’s status page indicated “major disruptions” for several services, including Ads Manager, Facebook & Instagram Shops, Meta Business Suite, Meta Admin Center, and Marketing API.

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Fortunately, by 10:34 a.m. CT, the issue had been resolved for many users, with only 107,000 users reporting outages. Meta confirmed the resolution just after 11 a.m. CT, with Stone apologizing for any inconvenience caused by the technical issue.

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