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A Naked Man in Florida Is Caught Stealing a Shirt from A Church Thrift Store!


CNS NewsIn a bizarre incident at the Wings of Faith Thrift Store in Ocala, Florida, 38-year-old Michael Da Costa was arrested for stealing a T-shirt while completely naked. This unusual event occurred 75 miles northwest of Orlando and quickly garnered the attention of local law enforcement.

Responding to a call about a “naked man running around everywhere,” deputies from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office arrived at the scene to find Da Costa in a state of undress. According to reports, he entered the thrift store without any clothing and proceeded to take a T-shirt upon being asked to leave, making no effort to conceal his nudity.

The store clerk’s account to deputies highlighted Da Costa’s erratic behavior and blatant disregard for public decency. Despite the clear need for clothing, his method of acquisition resulted in legal consequences.

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Currently held at the Marion County Jail with a bond set at $6,000, Da Costa faces charges of petit theft in the second degree and indecent exposure. This incident adds a peculiar chapter to the annals of Florida’s already colorful legal history.

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