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A New Law Secures Rights for Thousands of New York Freelancers!


In a significant move for labor rights, New York State has enacted a groundbreaking law, known as the “Freelance Isn’t Free” Act, to safeguard the interests of thousands of freelance workers. Signed into law by Governor Kathy Hochul, this legislation extends comprehensive protections to freelancers across the state, ensuring their rights and providing a framework for recourse in instances of non-payment for services​.

Governor Hochul emphasized the importance of treating every worker with dignity and respect, acknowledging the growing prevalence of freelance work. The law is designed to ensure fair payment for freelancers, symbolizing a significant advancement for this vital segment of the workforce​.

The law covers all New York State freelancers receiving at least $800 for their services, reflecting an inclusive approach to labor rights. State Senator Andrew Gounardes, the author of the bill, highlighted the necessity of robust labor protections for all workers, including contract electricians, domestic workers, and freelance journalists, underscoring the state’s commitment to preventing exploitation and rights denial​.

A New Law Secures Rights for Thousands of New York Freelancers!

Key provisions of the law include the right to a written contract with specific terms, timely and full payment, and safeguards against retaliation and discrimination. In cases where these laws are violated, the New York State Attorney General has the authority to take legal action, securing remedies such as damages and civil penalties for affected freelancers​.

Rafael Espinal, Executive Director of the Freelancers Union, praised the legislation, expressing confidence in New York’s role in championing freelancer rights and holding accountable those who disregard the law. The law also empowers freelancers to file private lawsuits to protect their rights​.

Furthermore, the New York State Department of Labor is tasked with providing model contracts on its website, offering freelancers and hiring parties a compliant framework for their agreements. This comprehensive approach marks a significant milestone in labor legislation, offering a blueprint for other states to follow in protecting the rights of the growing freelance workforce.

A New Law Secures Rights for Thousands of New York Freelancers!

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