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DeSantis’s Unexpected Tweet Sparks Buzz in Colorado Primary Scene!


In a recent turn of events, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis displayed a peculiar sense of enthusiasm in a social media post about the Colorado primary. The Republican governor, known for his direct approach, took to Twitter to express his “excitement” about being on the Colorado primary ballot.

This statement came as a surprise, considering it was a requirement by the state GOP, not typically a cause for celebration. DeSantis, addressing his over 2 million followers, stated that to qualify for the Colorado primary ballot, candidates must publicly announce their excitement on social media.

This requirement aims to boost engagement and visibility for the state party’s social media presence. Following suit, DeSantis tweeted, “I’m excited to officially be on the ballot for the Colorado primary!” He coupled this announcement with a pledge to vigorously challenge President Biden in the upcoming elections and encouraged his followers to stay updated with the Colorado Republican Party.

This unconventional declaration by Governor DeSantis highlights the increasingly prominent role of social media in political campaigns and candidate strategies. It also underscores the unique requirements set by state parties in the complex landscape of American politics.

DeSantis's Unexpected Tweet Sparks Buzz in Colorado Primary Scene!

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