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A Suspect in Two Sisters Murder Case Was Brought Back to East Texas from California!


In Gilmer, Texas, a high-profile case has resurfaced as Alvin Charles McKnight Jr., 41, accused of a double homicide, returns to East Texas following his arrest in California. McKnight, captured on November 15 in San Bernardino, faces charges in the November 4 shooting deaths of Dermetrica Waters, 37, and Mandy Ray, 35.

The crime occurred at a residence on U.S. Hwy. 271 South near Bluebird Rd. in Gilmer. The transfer of McKnight from California to the Upshur County Jail, just over a month post-incident, signifies a crucial step in the judicial process. His scheduled arraignment at the 115th District Court in Upshur County marks the commencement of legal proceedings against him.

Sheriff Larry Webb of Upshur County underscored the importance of McKnight’s return, stating that it enables the sheriff’s office to assemble the case for the prosecution phase, led by District Attorney Billy Byrd. Before his apprehension, McKnight had been listed on the Texas 10 Most Wanted Fugitives List, with a combined Crime Stoppers reward of $17,500 offered for information leading to his arrest.

A Suspect in Two Sisters Murder Case Was Brought Back to East Texas from California!

His sister, Laquesha Monique McKnight, 38, of Longview, was also arrested for allegedly aiding in his escape from Upshur County on the night of the murders. Authorities suspect the involvement of others in McKnight’s flight from East Texas, anticipating further arrests.

District Attorney Byrd has expressed a commitment to finding and prosecuting every individual connected to aiding McKnight’s escape. The case continues to unfold as the community awaits further developments and justice for the victims and their families.

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