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Texas Governor Defends Controversial River Barrier Through Letter!


Texas Governor Greg Abbott has firmly defended the state’s decision to erect a floating buoy barrier along the Rio Grande near Eagle Pass in a recent letter to President Joe Biden. This move comes amid impending legal action from the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), which has cited violations of federal law prohibiting obstructions in navigable U.S. waters without proper authorization.

In his defense, Governor Abbott argues that the barrier serves as a necessary deterrent against illegal immigration, drug trafficking, and human trafficking issues plaguing Texas and the broader United States. He emphasizes that the barrier’s intention is not to harm but to redirect migrants toward legal ports of entry, thereby reducing the risks associated with illegal river crossings.

Abbott’s letter to President Biden highlights a direct correlation between federal inaction on immigration laws and the escalating border crisis. He insists that enforcing these laws could significantly mitigate the dangers of illegal border crossings, thereby addressing humanitarian concerns and national security issues.

The governor’s stance reflects a larger debate on border security and immigration policy in the United States. While the DOJ cites legal grounds for its opposition to the barrier, citing a law that restricts the construction of any structures in U.S. waters without Army Corps of Engineers authorization, Abbott maintains that the state of Texas has not violated any federal statutes.

The situation remains tense as Texas leaders assert that no orders were given to harm migrants, contrary to claims of injuries caused by the barrier’s razor wire. As legal proceedings loom, the debate continues over the balance between border security and humanitarian concerns, with Governor Abbott firmly standing by the state’s right to protect its borders.

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