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A Texas 3 People Were Arrested for Blowing Fentanyl Smoke in A Newborn’s Face!


CNS NewsA shocking case of child endangerment has come to light in Abilene, Texas, where three individuals have been arrested following allegations of exposing a 19-month-old infant to fentanyl smoke. The accused, Robert Mason, 33, Jennifer Trevino, 32, and Aracely Rocha, 22, face serious charges after police reportedly found fentanyl in a baby’s diaper bag and received claims that the drug’s smoke was deliberately blown into the face of the infant to quiet her cries.

The investigation into this disturbing incident began on January 25, after the trio was stopped for littering outside the Frontier Inn & Suites, where they resided. The traffic stop, conducted by the Taylor County Narcotics Division, led to the discovery of 56 fentanyl pills and paraphernalia associated with drug consumption in their vehicle and the infant’s belongings.

Further inquiries revealed a dire situation in which four children and four adults were found living in cramped conditions within the hotel. Interviews conducted with the adults unveiled a reckless disregard for the well-being of the children, with at least one adult admitting to the act of blowing fentanyl smoke directly at the infant in a misguided attempt to soothe her.

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The immediate aftermath saw the infant, struggling to breathe, taken to a hospital for urgent medical care along with three other children. The suspects, now held on a $100,000 bond each, face severe legal consequences for their actions, which have brought to the fore the grave dangers of drug exposure to children and the urgent need for protective measures to safeguard the most vulnerable.

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