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After 500 Days of Chipotle, An Ohio Man Claims He’s Ready for Something Different!


CNS NewsBruce Wayne, an Ohio resident, made headlines after concluding his remarkable streak of consuming Chipotle meals every day for 500 consecutive days. Wayne announced his decision to diversify his culinary experiences after visiting a Chipotle branch in Tiffin, Ohio, marking the end of his extraordinary feat.

Wayne, who attracted attention for his daily Chipotle consumption, concluded his streak in style by donning a Batsuit during his final visit and opting for mini quesadillas, humorously citing the attire’s lack of forgiveness for leather as a reason for his meal choice.

His dedication to Chipotle garnered widespread recognition, with Wayne breaking the record for the most consecutive meals at a Mexican fast-food restaurant in December, having maintained his streak for 426 days. Chipotle pledged a donation of $4,260 to Seneca-based Financial Assistance for Cancer Treatment in honor of Wayne’s achievement, reflecting the $10-a-day average he spent during his streak.

After 500 Days of Chipotle, An Ohio Man Claims He's Ready for Something Different!

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In a post on his Instagram account, Wayne reflected on the conclusion of his Chipotle journey, emphasizing that it marked not only the end of one adventure but also the beginning of a new one. His decision to explore new culinary horizons signifies a departure from routine and a readiness to embrace novel experiences beyond the confines of his Chipotle streak.

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