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After CEO’s Death, $6 Million Was Confiscated in A Medicaid Fraud Scheme!


CNS NewsThe seizure of about $6.4 million under a final judgment by agreement was a big win for New Jersey’s Medicaid program. It was announced by Attorney General Matthew J. Platkin and the Office of the Insurance Fraud Prosecutor (OIFP). Daniel E. Cassell, the defendant in this case, has since died.

The case brought to light a complex scheme involving a network of mental health clinics in five counties—Essex, Hunterdon, Mercer, Union, and Warren—that cheated Medicaid through a clever system of false billing. In August 2022, Cassell was charged with 17 counts of fraud for his part in sending thousands of fake claims to Medicaid for reimbursement.

He was the president and CEO of Kwenyan Professional Health Services and Kwenyan and Associates. Even though Cassell died in December 2022, the judgment cleared up claims that he made false claims for Medicaid services that were never given to beneficiaries. The Kenyan companies admitted to this dishonest behavior in court, which was a big admission of guilt.

After CEO's Death, $6 Million Was Confiscated in A Medicaid Fraud Scheme!

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The ruling calls for the return of 15 passenger vans, more than $2.4 million from bank accounts, almost $4 million from the sale of properties, and extra rental income, for a total of about $6.4 million. The OIFP worked hard to get this result, showing that they are serious about pursuing fraud and getting back stolen public funds.

Attorney General Platkin stressed how bad the fraud was by saying that taxpayers lost millions of dollars because of years of submitting fake claims. The big return makes it clear to providers what will happen if they bill Medicaid for services that haven’t been provided.

Interim Insurance Fraud Prosecutor Al Garcia said that detectives and lawyers worked hard to collect the assets. He also said that the state would continue to protect Medicaid programs from fraud. The success of this case was due to the cooperation of many agencies, such as the New Jersey Department of Treasury, the Division of Taxation, and law enforcement offices from several states.

After CEO's Death, $6 Million Was Confiscated in A Medicaid Fraud Scheme!

This shows how important it is to work together to stop complex fraud schemes. The OIFP’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit continues to keep Medicaid recipients and the program safe from fraud, waste, and abuse. This protects the quality of healthcare services and the smart use of public funds.

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