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In 2024, Popeyes Adds New Items to Its Menu for The Lenten Season!


CNS NewsDuring the Lenten season, it can be hard for people to find food when they are on the go. With their new 2024 Lenten season lineup, Popeyes is making it easy. You may want to eat more fish and seafood during Lent. If that’s the case, Popeyes can help. People are happy that the Classic Flounder Fish Sandwich is back.

It has a high-quality flounder that has been simmered in real Southern herbs and spices. It is fried until it’s golden brown and has a crispy outside. The flounder is on a brioche bun with barrel-aged pickles and tartar sauce. Get a Shrimp Tackle Box if you want a meal that you can change up.

Comes with 8 butterfly shrimp dipped in Southern-style bread crumbs, herbs, and spices. You get a hot biscuit, one small drink, and your pick of a regular side dish with the crispy shrimp. You can pick between two popcorn shrimp meals. The popcorn shrimp dinner costs ¼ and has a quarter pound of fun-sized, crispy shrimp. You can pick one standard side dish and a buttery biscuit.

The ¼ Popcorn Shrimp Combo is the same as the popcorn shrimp dinner above, but it comes with a small drink. Want to make Lent a little more interesting? Get the fish sandwich with spicy sauce! After being marinated in real Southern herbs and spices, it gets a Southern crispy covering.

In 2024, Popeyes Adds New Items to Its Menu for The Lenten Season!

It’s been fried until it’s golden brown. Barrel-cured pickles and spicy mayo make it taste even better. It comes on a brioche bun. The Surf & Turf Combo is great if you like fish and want some meat too. The first part is four butterfly shrimp that are fried in a Southern-style batter with herbs and spices.

It works with two Popeyes Signature Tenders. There is a crispy covering on the tenders that is made from herbs and spices from the South. They are then fried until they are a perfect golden brown. People can get a warm buttermilk biscuit and one standard side of their choice.

Fun fact #1: It looks like famous people get everything, and sometimes they do. Fans of Beyoncé bought her Popeyes chicken for years because they knew she liked it. Popeyes found out and gave her a card that lets her get free Popeyes chicken whenever she wants for life. This is a deal she can get excited about!

Fun Fact #2: It was a big deal when Popeyes opened its 3,000th restaurant. To celebrate, some Popeyes restaurants had special wings without bones for a short time. The wings were cooked in champagne and then tossed in real 24-karat gold flakes. That is a classy wing ding!

In 2024, Popeyes Adds New Items to Its Menu for The Lenten Season!

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Fun fact #3: Popeyes has been around for more than 50 years, but they haven’t had a Super Bowl spot until this year. Even stranger, the famous fast food chicken chain didn’t add chicken wings to their regular menu until November of last year. In their Super Bowl LVIII ad, they make fun of the fact that they had to wait so long.

Which item on the 2024 Lenten season meal sounds the best to you? Do you fast during Lent? I look forward to reading your answers below!

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