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After New Jersey Stabbing Charge, Casanova Criticizes the Justice System!


The legal woes of Haitian-American rapper Casanova continue to escalate, as he faces a new charge just weeks following the rejection of his request for early release from prison. On December 13, Casanova took to his Instagram Story to share an update on his situation.

Currently serving a 15-year sentence in a high-profile racketeering case involving drug dealing and murder, he revealed, “Early Christmas gift they just charged me for a stabbing in NJ. YOU CAN’T EVEN DEFEND YOURSELF THEY JUST WANT YOU TO LAY DOWN AND DIE/ back to court on Friday.”

Casanova’s legal struggles stem from a 2018 incident in which he allegedly assaulted a woman, Niya Rucker, for recording him without consent in a diner. He was accused of forcibly taking her cellphone and deleting footage of himself, leading to two counts of felony robbery.

Despite his legal team’s argument that the victim retained possession of her phone, the charges have significantly impacted Casanova’s legal standing. In August, Casanova and his attorney presented a plea for early release, citing his “extraordinary acceptance of responsibility.”

They argued that the consequences he faced did not align with the legal definition of “robbery.” While Casanova has not denied his involvement in the alleged crimes, he maintains that the penalties are disproportionately harsh. However, this plea was denied earlier this month.

The judge highlighted that Casanova had yet to serve even 20% of his sentence and emphasized that the sentence he received was at the “bottom of the sentencing range.” In a letter to the judge, Casanova acknowledged his role in the crimes and noted his efforts to distance himself from the Gorilla Stone Nation gang.

Despite these admissions, the judge remained unconvinced that Casanova no longer poses a threat to the community. This latest charge related to an alleged stabbing in New Jersey adds another layer to Casanova’s legal challenges. Sources like TMZ have reported that the justice system has upheld the initial ruling, reinforcing the perception that Casanova remains a potential danger to the public.

Casanova’s ongoing legal battle and the recent charge have sparked discussions about the justice system’s handling of such cases. Critics argue that the rapper’s situation reflects broader issues within the legal framework, particularly in how past crimes influence current charges and the perception of the accused in the eyes of the law.

After New Jersey Stabbing Charge, Casanova Criticizes Justice System!

As the 36-year-old rapper prepares to return to court, his case continues to raise important questions about the balance between accountability for past actions and the possibility of rehabilitation and change. The outcome of these legal proceedings will likely have a significant impact not only on Casanova’s future but also on the public discourse surrounding the justice system.

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