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After Receiving 60-Day Eviction Notices, Nearly Half of The Families Vacated the Shelter!


CNS NewsIn a significant development concerning migrant families in New York City, nearly half of the families who received 60-day eviction notices from shelters have successfully moved out, according to recent data released by the mayor’s office and New York City Comptroller Brad Lander.

The policy, which implemented strict limits on shelter stays for migrant families, has prompted around 7,500 parents and children to take action upon reaching their 60-day limit. Of these families, approximately 50% have managed to secure alternative housing arrangements and vacated the shelters.

However, the remaining families faced various outcomes, including reapplying for shelter, transferring to new shelters, or remaining in the same shelter where they were initially placed. The implementation of the 60-day policy has sparked debates and criticisms, with advocates expressing concerns about the well-being and stability of migrant families, particularly those who have recently entered the shelter system.

After Receiving 60-Day Eviction Notices, Nearly Half of The Families Vacated the Shelter!

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Critics argue that the policy, while aimed at reducing shelter costs and controlling the number of migrants in city shelters, has caused unnecessary turmoil for families unable to afford alternative housing options. Despite efforts to prioritize the education of children affected by the policy, schools have grappled with the logistical and emotional challenges posed by sudden relocations.

Some families have experienced disruptions in schooling and community connections due to the enforced evictions. As the city continues to navigate the complexities of shelter policies and migrant support systems, stakeholders emphasize the importance of addressing the underlying issues of housing insecurity and access to resources for vulnerable populations.

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