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After the Boat Captain Was Struck by Lightning Off the Coast of Florida, the Coast Guard Came to the Rescue of the Family


An vacation with the family took a terrible turn on Saturday when a boat captain was struck by lightning. As a result, the group was stranded off the coast of Florida and required rescue, as stated by the United States Coast Guard.

The lightning hit caused the 24-foot boat to lose power, which eventually led to the rescue of seven persons who were trapped within.

The incident took place approximately two miles east of Cape Canaveral, according to a tweet made by the United States Coast Guard on social media.

A rescue response boat from the United States Coast Guard Station at Port Canaveral was used to transport the captain and his family to a safe haven, where the skipper got medical attention that was necessary for his condition.

At this time, it was not obvious how severe the captain’s injuries were.

The Cape Canaveral Coast Guard station reports that the boat was anchored, and the owner of the vessel is currently collaborating with commercial salvage in order to commence retrieval operations.

A number of individuals responded, “Bravo Zulu!” and applauded the Coast Guard for the speed with which they rescued the person.

Before venturing out onto the sea, it is important to be aware of and cautious of the weather conditions, according to the United States Coast Guard Station in Port Canaveral, which stated that because of this occurrence.

According to a message posted by the United States Coast Guard Station at Port Canaveral, “Please make sure that you and your families are monitoring the weather before launching and while you are on the water as we approach this summer season!”

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