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Alabama’s House Speaker Wants Additional Limitations on Gambling!


There should be more rules on gambling in Alabama, says the Speaker of the House of Representatives. On Monday morning, Speaker Nathaniel Leadbetter spoke at a meeting at the Wiregrass Rehabilitation Center. He talked about many things, but the state’s gaming bill was one of the main ones.

Leadbetter says that the state is currently being hurt by illegal gaming and that rules and laws need to be put in place to stop it. People who are illegally running gambling businesses in other shops. He believes that the state is almost ready to find an answer to this problem.

Alabama's House Speaker Wants Additional Limitations on Gambling!

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“We need to clean it up because it’s causing a lot of bad feelings in the state. I think it would be better to try to clean it up and form a committee to figure out what’s going on,” says Leadbetter. “We’ll see what they come up with.” He also said nice things about the Wiregrass representatives and the work they have done for the neighborhood.

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