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Residents of Texas Are Leaving the State in Large Numbers!


The latest information from a Business Insider story shows that a lot of people are leaving Texas. A lot has been written lately about how many people from other states, mostly California, are moving to Texas. However, Ash Jurberg writes that many Texans are leaving the state.

“Almost 500,000 people left Texas between 2021 and 2022. A recent report by Business Insider looked into why people are leaving Texas.” Since 2019, home prices have gone up by 30% because so many people are moving to Texas. The story says that this is making some Texans look for cheaper housing in other places.

People are becoming more interested in the Midwest lately because it is generally the most cheap place to live. Hannah Jones,’s Economic Research Analyst, says, “This trend of buyers looking for affordable homes is really taking off.”

Residents of Texas Are Leaving the State in Large Numbers!

In terms of politics, a recent study found that 39% of people have moved or might think about moving to a different state if their political views don’t match those of the majority. On the other hand, the Cato Institute’s study says that Texas is 50th in the country when it comes to people’s freedom to choose their own actions.

Jurberg says that the discussion about people moving into and out of Texas is often heated, with people taking strong positions for and against moving to Texas. “This is a real problem. I’m not sure if the Texas GOP has a long-term view. Someone on Reddit says, “If they want to keep Texas a business-friendly place, they’ll have to slow down on their steady march to dystopian nightmare.”

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Residents of Texas Are Leaving the State in Large Numbers!

“I left 11 years ago, came back for one, and then quit for good 8 years ago.” There is traffic, heat, and cost. Someone on Reddit said, “My old apartment in 2011 cost $669 a month. For fun, I looked it up earlier this year and the same-sized units are going for $1,500.”

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