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An Oklahoma Bald Eagle Viewing Guide: 11 Top Places and Times!


CheapNailsalonsnearmeBald eagles are majestic birds of prey that are native to North America. They are known for their striking appearance, with white heads and tails, and dark brown bodies. In Oklahoma, two species of eagles can be found: the Bald Eagle and the Golden Eagle.

The Bald Eagle is a widely-recognized bird of prey that can be spotted in Oklahoma all year round, but their numbers increase during winter from October to April. On the other hand, the Golden Eagle is rare or accidental in Oklahoma and is not spotted very often. Eagles have had a strong relationship with humans both mentally and physically.

The 11 Best Places to See Bald Eagles in Oklahoma

If you are interested in spotting bald eagles in Oklahoma, there are several places where you can go. The biggest congregation of bald eagles can be found at the Great Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge. 

1. Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge

In Oklahoma, the Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge is a great spot to see southern bald eagles. Walk along the paths and stop at the lookout points to see the eagles in their natural environment. Also, serious bird watchers are invited to join the Eagle Tour & Loon Watch. This is a weekly event that runs from late January to early March and involves looking for eagles that have been seen on the refuge’s live webcam.

An Oklahoma Bald Eagle Viewing Guide: 11 Top Places and Times!

2. Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge

The Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge is in the north-central part of Oklahoma. It is home to bald eagles, whooping cranes, sandhill cranes, and mallard ducks. There is a lot to see on the more than 32,000-acre land, of which 12,000 are salt flats.

You can hike the Sandpiper Trail to get to the bird viewing platform after you’ve dug for hourglass selenite crystals. After that, walk the Eagle Roost Nature Trail to Creek Bay to see the state’s largest group of bald eagles.

3. The Keystone Lake

Keystone Lake in Keystone State Park is a famous spot for fishing and having fun on the water. Eagle pictures, on the other hand, look great against the beautiful lake views outside of Tulsa. Along the 330-mile coastline, people can see the beautiful bird dive for fish below the water’s surface or sleep on the edge of their nests in the trees.

4. Lake Thunderbird State Park

Because it is right on their migration path, Lake Thunderbird State Park is one of the best places in Oklahoma to see a bald eagle. Between December and February, the eagles hang out in the tall oak trees to stay safe while they hunt. You can find them along the hiking trails if you bring binoculars, or you can ask the helpful park guards where the best places are to nest this year.

5. Lake of the Arbuckles

It’s not just a great place to fish at Lake of the Arbuckles in the Chickasaw National Recreation Area. The clear water makes this a good place for bald eagles and other birds to spend the winter. Don’t forget to go to the Bald Eagle Watch every year. You can meet other people who also like to watch birds and see them from the best spot in the park.

6. Arcadia Lake

An Oklahoma Bald Eagle Viewing Guide: 11 Top Places and Times!

Eagles come to the area every year to find food and cover in the nearby wooded areas. The beautiful Arcadia Lake is full of fish. The park office is also where the yearly Arcadia Eagle Watch takes place. Visitors learn more about eagles from park rangers before going out as a group to look for them along the beautiful lake. They may gracefully take fish from the water to this spot or sleep high in the trees.

7. Lake Altus-Lugert

Most bald eagles in Quartz Mountain State Park sleep in the poplar trees along the northern shore of Lake Atlus-Lugert. This is the best place to see them. If you can’t find them here, check out the nests at the southwestern point of Twin Peaks. From the end of December to the beginning of March, eagles can often be seen in these park places. Most likely to see the eagles in the winter, go to one of these spots soon after sunrise or an hour before sunset.

8. Grand Lake

Enjoy one of Grand Lake State Park’s many cabins or places to see the sights. You can boat across the water to see the birds or walk along one of the six trails that go through the park to see them. Some of them may be sitting together under the lake dam, though, where they look for food.

9. Tenkiller Lake

Because there are fish along Tenkiller Lake’s 130-mile shore, it is one of the best places in Oklahoma to see bald eagles. Tenkiller State Park’s Cookson Hills are home to the beautiful blue lake. This is where you can see southern eagles and other migrating birds that are spending the winter. Plus it only takes an hour to get to Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge. This means you can go to more than one birding event.

10. Joseph H. Williams Tallgrass Prairie Preserve

Around 39,000 acres of protected tallgrass prairie make up the Joseph H. Williams Tallgrass Prairie Preserve. This is the world’s biggest protected tallgrass prairie. Along with the bison that live there freely, the preserve is home to over 300 kinds of birds, including bald eagles. Winter leaves few plants in the park, so it’s easy to see eagles roosting and flying against the beige and orange surroundings.

An Oklahoma Bald Eagle Viewing Guide: 11 Top Places and Times!

11. The Illinois River

Eagles like to hang out near the Illinois River because it has a lot of fish swimming in it. To see them, either hike through the Ozark Hills’ forested paths or drive through Tahlequah. A very rare leucistic eagle was seen eating an armadillo and then sitting in a tree by the river last year.

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