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Idaho The Worst City to live in Oklahoma


You can find a list of the best, worst, rudest, and biggest towns in Idaho every day on social media. Before you read the story, it’s fun to try to guess which parts of the Gem State will be talked about.

Idaho is not a very big state, so it’s not hard to guess. The Wood River Valley is always on the list of the best places. This is likely Boise or Meridian since most of Idaho’s jobs, chances, and fun things to do are in the Treasure Valley.

Thoughts like these—mostly written by people who have never been to Idaho—throw you for a loop sometimes. People here call this place “Christmas City, USA,” and on New Year’s Eve, they drop a sugar beet. The name “Rudest City is Idaho” stuck with the cute little town.

Some of the most beautiful towns in the United States to visit in the winter are on a new list from Country Living. There was an Idaho town on that list, but it wasn’t McCall or any of the other ski area towns. We were shocked when they picked Nampa.


The City of Idaho


24/7 Wall Street has the most up-to-date list on the web. They looked at things like the number of poor people, home costs, income, deaths from drugs, and population to find the worst places to live in each state. The FBI, the CDC, and the Census Bureau all sent it.

What they choose has nothing to do with how our radio station feels about this spot. 24/7 Wall Street, on the other hand, says that…


Wild Horses
This set of facts puts Idaho there:

13.9% are poor (11.4% in the state).
Home values range from $171,700 to $266,500* across the state.
$51,971 is the median family income (state: $63,377).
18.2 deaths per 100,000 people caused by drugs (state: 17.2 deaths per 100,000 people)
12,106 people in total.

For what it’s worth, the people who live in Blackfoot seem to really enjoy it. People can rate the places they’ve lived from one to five stars on sites like Niche. People who have lived in Blackfoot give it “excellent” or “very good” praise. Fans like how it looks like a small town and how quiet the streets are. They say their friends are nice and the area is close. What’s the main problem? There aren’t enough fun and entertaining things for teens and young adults to do. Niche gave the city a B score overall, so it can’t be that bad!

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