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Arizona Squatter Investigation NY Couple Fends Off Mugger, Leaving Attacker Hospitalized with Stab Wounds


There was a man who tried to rob a couple in New York City while they were walking their dog on Wednesday afternoon. The couple fought back and the man had to go to the hospital for treatment of his wounds.

A 37-year-old man is thought to have sneaked up on the couple in Queens’ Woodside neighborhood around 2:40 p.m.

A woman with a dog leash and a man on a bike with a medical boot on his foot looked like they were the targets. Police still didn’t know who they were as of Thursday.

We got surveillance video of the attacker following them down a path, which Fox News Digital then shared.

When he gets close, he throws his jacket to the ground and charges the man from behind.

The man who was being attacked fought back by slamming his attacker to the ground and began to punch him.

The woman joined in and kicked the attacker in the back as the beating went on.

They got into a fight until the thief got up and walked away.

“One of the unknown people stabbed him multiple times around the body while the fight was going on,” cops told Fox News Digital.

The man with the hurt foot had the upper hand throughout the whole fight. He can be seen walking on his hurt foot and looks ready for more.

A video shows what looks like a big spot of blood on the back of the attacker’s bleached blonde hair.

Finally, two men stepped in to stop the fight, and the attacker walked away, leaving his hat and jacket on the ground.

Police say the 37-year-old man was taken to NYC Health and Hospitals/Elmhurst in very bad but safe shape.

As of Thursday morning, no one had been arrested, but the probe was still going on.

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