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Repeated Armed Robberies in Chicago, Liquor Store Employee Shot dead


(WLS) CHICAGO — Police are looking for a group of gun thieves who drove around Chicago’s Northwest Side on Friday and robbed people violently in just a few hours.

Investigators say that an employee at a booze store in the Irving Park neighborhood was shot at the end of one of the attacks. Police said it was at least the ninth spot that the crooks went after in six hours.

Police in Chicago say that just before 10:30 p.m., two covered and armed suspects broke into the Super Savings Food and Liquor store in the 4400 block of West Belmont Avenue.

The owner of the store told ABC7 that the group shot the person who was guarding the door once they got inside. The 46-year-old man was taken to Illinois Masonic Hospital and is likely to make it.

The thieves got away without taking anything, but they came back minutes later to try to rob a 10th person.

It breaks my heart because I know them. I buy things there. “They’re very nice,” said a customer named Angel Rivera. “And I saw him yesterday.” “I just came in last night.”

After the failed robbery and shooting on Friday night, things were back to normal on Saturday. But regular customers don’t feel normal about what happened.

Dan Salazar, who lives close to the store, said, “We haven’t seen it this close or heard that it was this close, so this is scary.” “I don’t have one, but I think security cameras are what I should get next.” That could be the next step, or they might even move out of the area.”

Instead of customers, police were seen coming and going from Super Savings Food and Liquor all night.

Police say that the same group robbed someone near Diversey and Central less than 10 minutes after the shooting. Police said that in two of the attacks, the victims were hit hard.

Chicago police put out an alert after 12 gun robberies were reported in one hour on Thanksgiving morning.

Police say the group rides around in a black Nissan Altima with the license plate number BM86024.

“We pay taxes.” Do not we have a say? Why can’t we carry our phones around with us without getting robbed on the train or in the street?” Rivera told them.

The owner of the liquor store told ABC7 that cops are still looking for the men who did it by watching surveillance video.

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