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Arrested Florida Man Attempting Transatlantic Crossing on Hamster Wheel Vessel!


CNS NewsIn a bizarre maritime escapade reminiscent of a Hollywood script, a Florida man’s audacious attempt to traverse the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean in a makeshift vessel resembling a hamster wheel has ended in a dramatic interception by the US Coast Guard. Reza Baluchi, a 44-year-old marathon runner, was apprehended approximately 70 miles off Tybee Island, Georgia, on August 26th, as he steadfastly clung to his unconventional contraption.

Baluchi’s eccentric endeavor was not his first foray into the realm of oceanic exploration. With three previous attempts under his belt, all thwarted by Coast Guard intervention, Baluchi’s determination seemed undeterred by past failures. His vessel, a curious assemblage of wires and buoys fashioned into a wheel-like structure, relied on paddles to propel it forward as Baluchi gamely attempted to run his way across the treacherous waters.

However, Baluchi’s voyage coincided with preparations for an impending hurricane, adding an extra layer of peril to an already precarious undertaking. Despite repeated warnings from authorities, Baluchi adamantly refused to abandon his vessel, even going so far as to claim possession of a bomb onboard, a threat later proven to be false.

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It wasn’t until September 1st that Baluchi relented, surrendering to authorities after being transported to a Coast Guard base in Miami. Facing federal charges of obstruction of boarding and violation of a Captain of the Port order, Baluchi’s legal predicament remains uncertain.

This latest escapade joins a litany of previous misadventures, including a 2021 arrest for a similar voyage from Florida to New York and previous rescues off the coast of St. Augustine and Jupiter, Florida. Despite facing legal repercussions, Baluchi maintains that his ventures are aimed at raising awareness and funds for various charitable causes, including support for the homeless and emergency services.

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