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In Everglades, Alligator Bites Floridian Man Says He “Had No Idea What Was Holding” Him!


CNS NewsA Harrowing Incident occurred in the serene waters of Everglades National Park over the weekend, leaving a South Florida man with a challenging path to recovery. Rodrigo Constain, aged 68, found himself in the grip of a crocodile after a sudden mishap with his sailboat at the Flamingo Marina on Sunday.

As Constain recounted, the wind unexpectedly toppled his vessel, plunging him into the water. While attempting to regain control, Constain felt an unusual sensation gripping his leg, yet strangely, he felt no pain. In a testament to his resilience, Constain remained remarkably composed, not succumbing to panic even as he grappled with the mysterious entity holding him in its grasp.

With an almost serene demeanor, he reached out to investigate, only to discover the chilling truth – a crocodile had sunk its teeth into him. Miraculously, Constain managed to free himself from the reptile’s grip and swim back to safety, where he was met by concerned rangers and his wife who had witnessed the ordeal.

Such encounters are exceptionally rare in this region, as highlighted by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokesperson, Lauren Claerbout. According to Claerbout, this incident marks only the second documented case of a crocodile biting a human in the area, the previous one occurring in 2014.

Constain’s injuries were severe, with lacerations reaching down to the bone, yet remarkably, there were no fractures. However, the journey to recovery will be arduous, with doctors estimating it may take up to a month before Constain can walk again. In the face of mounting medical bills, Constain’s family has set up a GoFundMe page to alleviate the financial burden.

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In Everglades, Alligator Bites Floridian Man Says He "Had No Idea What Was Holding" Him!

Despite the physical and financial challenges ahead, Constain remains steadfast in his faith, attributing his survival to a higher power. For him, the presence of God was palpable throughout the ordeal, instilling a sense of calm amidst the chaos. As Constain reflects on the ordeal, his gratitude for being alive is palpable, a testament to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

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