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In a seperate contraband events 2 alabama correctional facility workers held


The department said that Sarah Woodward, who used to work as an administrative support assistant at Elmore Correctional Facility, was arrested on November 22. Woodward was accused of “Promoting Prison Contraband 1st and 2nd, Possession of Marijuana 2nd, Use of Official Position for Personal Gain, and Trafficking Methamphetamine.”

The police said that one of their K-9 units picked up on a car in the parking lot while they were searching the building.

The police said Woodward gave permission to check, and a suspicious package was found in his car.

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Woodward was held until she could be questioned by Agents from the ADOC. The department said it was clear that the package contained illegal goods once it was opened.

A Homewood cop was arrested and charged with sexual abuse after a date with a woman

Stefan Harris, who used to work as a security guard at Staton Correctional Facility, was arrested on November 25. He was accused of “Promoting Prison Contraband 1st, Possession of Controlled Substance, and Use of Position for Personal Gain.”

Harris showed up for work but refused to go through the facility scanner, so he was held until ADOC Law Enforcement Services Division officers arrived.

The department of corrections said that the first officer to arrive on the scene saw Harris trying to throw away a package. When Harris was checked, other illegal items were found on him.

The police department said that illegal items were also found in his car. One of the LESD agents talked to Harris and an ADOC evidence worker confirmed that the package did contain illegal items. Harris was then arrested without any problems. After that, he was taken to the Elmore County Jail.


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