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Tarrant County Deputy officer shot dead whilist off duty at Fort Worth Credit Union


Tarrant County, Texas – Sheriff’s Office deputy Brent Brown was shot on Monday while working as a security guard at the Fort Worth Community Credit Union on Brentwood Stair Road when he wasn’t on duty.

The shooting happened just before 4 p.m., and when police arrived, they saw that bullets had broken the glass on the front door of the shop.

MedStar medical workers also showed up and found Brown with two gunshot wounds, one in his upper chest and one in his lower abdomen. He was taken to JPS hospital. After that, he had surgery and should be fine now.

Forth Worth police wouldn’t say who the suspect was, how they found him, or even why they were looking in the area where he was caught. But a 35-year-old man named Leland Williams was put into jail for attempted murder. Police haven’t said for sure that he’s the person they think shot the person, though.

Brown may have fired back, but Waybourn said he didn’t “know how many or what the situation was.”

Fort Worth Police Chief Neil Noakes said, “When an officer is hurt violently like this, it hits close to home.” He asked the people to pray for the officer.

A guy whose wife works as a teller at the credit union told Jason Allen of CBS News Texas that she saw the shooting.

“Brent stayed strong and did his job. The honorable thing he did today is what all of our officers are expected to do.” “But he did it well, and he rose to the title of nobleman with honor and courage,” Waybourn said. “Evil walks boldly among us and we must not forget that.”

A lot of people showed their support for Brown on social media, while his brothers in blue were at the hospital.

Judge Tim O’Hare of Tarrant County went on X and said, “Please pray with me for one of our Tarrant County Sheriff’s Deputies.” During his off-duty time as a security guard today, he was shot twice. He is having surgery right now.”

Brown has worked for the sheriff’s office since 2011. He is currently working in the warrant section.

The police are still looking at camera video and talking to witnesses.

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