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Attorney General Ken Paxton, the Texas GOP’s “Weak Link,” Is Gaining Popularity and Authority!


CNS NewsAttorney General Ken Paxton’s political trajectory has been nothing short of tumultuous, marked by legal battles, impeachment threats, and internal party turmoil. However, recent developments suggest a remarkable political turnaround for Paxton, once considered a liability within his party.

Facing a myriad of legal challenges, including a federal investigation into corruption allegations and a whistleblower lawsuit from former top deputies, Paxton seemed to be on the brink of political oblivion just ten months ago. His impeachment and suspension from office by more than 70% of his party in the Texas House further underscored the depth of his troubles.

Yet, the landscape has shifted significantly in Paxton’s favor. Prosecutors recently agreed to drop the longstanding nine-year-old fraud charges against him if he fulfills the terms of a pretrial agreement, a major vindication for Paxton. This decision followed his acquittal by the Senate of impeachment charges last fall, positioning him as a fighter who has defied political persecution.

With two major legal victories under his belt, Paxton’s political fortunes have seen a remarkable resurgence. He now enjoys strong support among Republican voters, with 61% approving of his job as attorney general, a dramatic swing from just 16% disapproval last August.

This surge in popularity has solidified Paxton’s standing within the party, paving the way for a potential challenge to U.S. Sen. John Cornyn in 2026, a prospect he has openly entertained. Paxton’s newfound political clout extends beyond his ambitions.

His success has emboldened the Texas GOP’s hardline wing, which seeks to push the party further right. The recent primary saw a record number of House Republicans unseated by Paxton-aligned firebrand challengers, signaling a shift in the state’s political landscape. Despite his legal victories, Paxton’s critics remain skeptical.

The whistleblower and state bar lawsuits against him have yet to be resolved, and he remains under federal investigation for corruption allegations. Some argue that Paxton’s alignment with the party’s most conservative elements could alienate moderate voters, potentially limiting his broader appeal in a general election.

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Attorney General Ken Paxton, the Texas GOP's "Weak Link," Is Gaining Popularity and Authority!

Nevertheless, Paxton’s resilience and political acumen have earned him a new lease on his political career. His ability to weather storms and emerge stronger has solidified his status as a key figure in Texas politics, with the potential to shape the state’s political landscape for years to come.

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