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Report: Texas Had One of The 2 Most White Supremacist Events in 2023!


CNS NewsTexas ranked second in the nation for organized white supremacist propaganda events in 2023, according to new data from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). The Lone Star State experienced 698 of the 7,567 incidents reported nationwide, marking a record high compared to the 6,746 incidents in 2022.

This surge represented about a 12 percent increase in white supremacist and extremist incidents within a year. Patriot Front, a Texas-based group, played a significant role in this increase, being connected to 60 percent of propaganda distributions across the 50 states.

The group distributed propaganda in every state except Alaska, Delaware, and Hawaii, but concentrated most of its activities in Texas, Virginia, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, and Missouri. Houston, in particular, witnessed the highest number of incidents in Texas, surpassing major cities like Austin, Dallas, and Fort Worth.

The ADL’s Hate, Extremism, Antisemitism, and Terrorism (HEAT) Map recorded 67 incidents in Houston throughout the year, with 34 listed as antisemitic, 27 as white supremacist propaganda, and 5 as anti-LGBTQ+. Additionally, some incidents occurred north of Houston, with 14 in Huntsville and 12 in Conroe.

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Other metropolitan areas in Texas also saw significant numbers of extremism incidents, with Austin recording 61, Dallas tallying 45, and San Antonio noting 19 incidents. The ADL provided tips on responding to extremism, including alerting local law enforcement and officials, documenting incidents, and avoiding engagement with white supremacists during protests.

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