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California Charges Hunter Biden with 9 Counts of Tax Fraud!


In a significant legal development, Hunter Biden, the son of the President, has been indicted by a California grand jury on nine counts, prominently involving tax-related offenses. This news, as reported by The Washington Post and The Associated Press, marks a crucial turn in the ongoing legal challenges faced by Biden.

The indictment encompasses three felony charges and six misdemeanors. These charges are layered atop the existing federal firearm charges in Delaware, as outlined in a 56-page document accessed by The New York Times. These charges accuse Biden of violating a 2018 law that prohibits drug users from owning firearms.

The legal proceedings believed to be nearing resolution last July, experienced a sudden shift when a potential plea agreement collapsed, as per CNN’s report. The plea deal, had it materialized, would have seen Biden admitting guilt to failing to report and pay approximately $4 million in personal income for the years 2017 and 2018.

California Charges Hunter Biden with 9 Counts of Tax Fraud!

However, with the disintegration of the plea deal, federal prosecutors introduced three additional gun charges. These pertain to allegations of Biden falsifying information about his drug use while purchasing a firearm in 2018, a period during which he was reportedly grappling with substance abuse issues.

This timeline aligns with the period following his brother Beau Biden’s death in 2015, as highlighted in the draft plea agreement filed in a Delaware court. The new tax case against Hunter Biden appears to be intricately linked to his overseas business dealings, which have also been a focal point in the impeachment inquiry into President Biden initiated by House Republicans.

This inquiry, as reported by CNN and The New York Times, is based on unproven claims suggesting that President Biden may have inappropriately influenced or benefited from his son’s business engagements in Ukraine and China.

In a significant move, Hunter Biden filed his taxes in 2020, and a third party reportedly cleared his back taxes in 2021, as noted by the AP. The White House, maintaining a stance of non-interference, has deferred all inquiries related to the indictment to the Justice Department or Hunter Biden’s legal representatives.

California Charges Hunter Biden with 9 Counts of Tax Fraud!

The charges against Hunter Biden paint a complex picture of legal and ethical challenges. The case not only underscores the personal struggles of a prominent political figure’s family member but also raises questions about the interplay of personal actions and public scrutiny in the realm of politics. As the situation unfolds, it remains to be seen how these charges will impact the broader political landscape and the Biden family.

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