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Kansas Kids Affected by Substance Abuse to Receive $2 Million Grant!


The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) has taken a significant step to support children in the state affected by substance abuse, announcing a $2 million grant under the “All Hands on Deck” initiative. This grant is a beacon of hope for approximately 140,860 Kansas children living with substance-using parents and the 5,155 infants born each year exposed to these substances.

This funding, to be distributed among 18 service agencies, targets the enhancement of programs focused on drug and alcohol prevention, as well as suicide prevention among the youth. A key recipient, the Rise Up Reno Prevention Network in Reno County, is set to receive $122,000 of this grant.

Known for its impactful work with around 2,000 children, Rise Reno’s approach is multifaceted, tackling issues from drug and alcohol prevention to mental health. Carla Smith, the executive director of Rise Up Reno, emphasizes the importance of a unified approach among different agencies dealing with child endangerment due to substance abuse.

Kansas Kids Affected by Substance Abuse to Receive $2 Million Grant!

With the grant, Rise Up Reno aims to establish a robust alliance, bringing together various agencies to streamline efforts and resources for maximum impact. This initiative by the KDHE and the participating agencies is not just a financial investment but also a commitment to address the multi-dimensional challenges faced by children in environments of substance abuse.

It’s a strategic move towards creating safer, healthier environments for Kansas youth, laying a foundation for their brighter future. Further funds are anticipated in the spring of 2024, underlining the ongoing commitment to combat the long-term impact of substance abuse in Kansas. This grant is a pivotal step in a larger battle, one that involves the well-being and future of thousands of children in the state.

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