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Check Your Facts: Neo-Nazis with Slavic flags were Seen at The Tennessee State Capitol!


CNS NewsIn February 2024, a disturbing image circulated online, purportedly capturing masked neo-Nazis brandishing swastika flags near the Tennessee State Capitol. This photograph prompted widespread concern and condemnation, fueling speculation about the prevalence of white supremacist groups in the region.

Upon closer examination, it was determined that the image in question was indeed authentic, originating from a video recorded by Democratic Rep. Justin Pearson. The video, captured on February 17, documented a gathering of individuals identified as neo-Nazis, dressed in red shirts and black masks, openly displaying swastika flags in downtown Nashville.

The authenticity of the image was corroborated by various sources, including local news reports and social media research agencies. Furthermore, comparisons with other images of the Tennessee State Capitol confirmed the location depicted in the photograph.

The rally, described as “small” by NBC News, drew attention to the presence of a group identified as the “Blood Tribe,” associated with a white supremacist organization founded by Christopher Pohlhaus. Despite the group’s small size, their brazen display of hateful symbols sparked outrage and prompted swift condemnation from legislators and community members alike.

Check Your Facts: Neo-Nazis with Slavic flags were Seen at The Tennessee State Capitol!

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Democratic state representatives, including Aftyn Behn and Justin Jones, took to social media to denounce the rally and express concerns about the resurgence of white supremacist ideology. Behn emphasized the need for vigilant monitoring of such groups, while Jones highlighted the failure of state leadership to confront the rising tide of extremism.

Nashville police confirmed the presence of the neo-Nazi demonstrators near the Capitol but reported no arrests made during the event. However, eyewitness accounts and video footage captured confrontations between the group and members of the public, underscoring the heightened tensions surrounding the rally.

Check Your Facts: Neo-Nazis with Slavic flags were Seen at The Tennessee State Capitol!

The incident serves as a sobering reminder of the persistent threat posed by extremist ideologies and the importance of collective action in combating hate speech and intolerance. In the face of such challenges, communities must stand united against bigotry and uphold the principles of equality and justice for all.

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