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Requirements and Regulations for Becoming a Foster Parent in Virginia!


CNS NewsThere is foster care in every state. But each state has its own set of rules. This short piece is about how to become a foster parent in Virginia.

According to Wikipedia:

Foster care is when a child is put in a ward, group home (like a residential child care community, treatment center, etc.), or the private home of a state-certified caregiver, also known as a “foster parent,” or with a family member who has been approved by the state. A “foster child” is usually placed with a family by the government or a social service agency. The facility, group home, or foster parent gets paid for their costs unless the child is with a family member.

Foster Care for A Short Time

Most of the time, kids in foster care in Virginia stay in one home for six to eleven months. It can last from one to thirty days, but most of the time it happens over several months, one weekend at a time. A kid can stay in a foster home for less than a year, one to three years, or even longer.

Foster Care for A Long Time

Requirements and Regulations for Becoming a Foster Parent in Virginia!

Putting a child in a foster home for a long time is called long-term placement. The child has to be in this group for at least two years, or until they officially become an adult. This kind of placement is based on how long it lasts and what kind of care is given.

Virginia Foster Care Requirements

Children are mostly put in foster homes with the help of the Virginia Department of Social Services. What you need to do is listed below.

  • You have to be at least 21 years old to be a foster parent.
  • Foster parents have to go through training before they can take part in a Mutual Family Assessment. At least three in-person conversations are part of that evaluation.
  • Foster parents have to go through a national criminal record check with fingerprints, a check for child abuse and neglect background, and a DMV check.
  • Also, all adults living in the home must have a clean TB test and a Child Abuse and Neglect Information System (CANIS) check.
  • The provider’s children and any other children living in the house can add up to eight children to an independent foster home.
  • Parents who take in foster children get regular support payments to help with things like food and clothes. Each month, the basic payment varies from $450 to $700, based on the age of the child.
  • In Virginia, someone can’t be a foster parent if they have been convicted of any barrier crime, including crimes they committed as a child or as an adult.

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Disqualification from Becoming a Foster Parent

People in Virginia may not be able to become foster parents if they have been found guilty of:

Requirements and Regulations for Becoming a Foster Parent in Virginia!

  • A conviction for child abuse or neglect as a crime
  • Being found guilty of spouse abuse
  • Being found guilty of a crime against children
  • Being found guilty of a violent, attack, or murderous crime
  • A serious offense for having drugs or selling them

There is a lot of information about foster care in Virginia in the Code of Virginia, § 63.2-900.

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