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David Sacks Says That the Trump Fundraiser Had Tremendous Turnout and Surpassed Its Goal on Kudlow


The co-founder of Craft Ventures, David Sacks, joined “Kudlow” on Friday and told host Larry Kudlow that the fundraiser he and another Silicon Valley venture investor recently held for former President Trump had “tremendous turnout” and more people than expected.

“When we agreed to do this event, we started off– the question was whether we could just raise $5 million, and that was the goal because as you well know, the Bay Area, is sort of a liberal bastion, and so we thought that $5 million might be a big lift,” said Sacks.

Instead, the Chamath Paliphapitiya-coordinated fundraiser brought in a lot more money for the Republican presidential candidate—$12 million, as Fox News have already revealed. It took place in San Francisco on Thursday.

A “tremendous turnout” of about 100 people, according to Sacks, showed up to the event.

“We couldn’t fit one more seat in the place,” he stated. “We were completely sold out.”

Kudlow asked him if he could feel the “enthusiasm” “outside the room.”

A lot of people who support Trump showed up to the area where the dinner was held on Thursday night. Sacks said that group was much bigger than the “just a handful” of anti-Trump protesters who were there.

“Even with the protesters, there was a tremendous enthusiasm gap between the pro-Trump side and the pro-Biden side,” said Sacks. “And if that’s in liberal San Francisco, what does that tell you about the rest of the country?”

When asked what problems were most important to people in Silicon Valley and could affect their choice of presidential candidate, Sacks said the economy. He also said that foreign policy, the border, and law enforcement were important problems.

Voters have been thinking a lot about inflation and the economy for a long time now. The latest information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that inflation rose 0.3% month-over-month and 3.4% year-over-year in April. The Consumer Price Index was used to measure inflation.

Recent weeks have seen both Trump and Vice President Biden step up their campaigns as the November election gets closer.

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