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Florida Woman Calls 911 on Herself During Carjacking Attempt, Claiming to ‘Do It Legally,’ Sheriff’s Deputies Report


TAMBALA, Florida — A woman from Florida was taken into custody after it was claimed that she called 911 on herself while attempting to steal a car from a dealership using the excuse that she “could do it legally.”

According to the officers, Christy Turman, who is 37 years old, called the Lee County Sheriff’s Office because she wanted the authorities to see what was going on.

Turman explained his actions during the 911 call by saying, “Because I’m attempting to steal a car that is not legally mine.” It would be best if you all came to make a report. “I am going to report this.”

A short while later, deputies arrived at the dealership, where they allegedly discovered Turman departing the driver’s side of the Toyota Corolla that had been stolen.

The woman, who was 37 years old at the time, informed the deputies that she was being trained to steal a car in a game of Black Ops, but she called the authorities to make her carjacking behavior lawful.

The sheriff’s office reports that Turman was taken into custody and charges of trespassing have been brought against him.

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