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Delta Pilot Drank Too Much Alcohol Before Trip from Edinburgh to New York!


CNS NewsA Delta Airlines pilot found himself in legal trouble after being apprehended at Edinburgh Airport for attempting to operate a Boeing 767 bound for New York while impaired by alcohol. Lawrence Russell, 63, was subjected to a search by airport security officers, during which two bottles of Jägermeister were discovered in his luggage, one of which was half full.

The incident, which occurred at approximately 08:00 on June 16 last year, led to Russell’s arrest following a failed breath test. Subsequent analysis revealed an alcohol level in his blood sample exceeding the legal limit, registering at “not less than 49mg of alcohol in 100ml of blood,” well above the permissible threshold of 20mg.

During his apprehension, Russell expressed fear to law enforcement officers, acknowledging the seriousness of the situation. His defense attorney, Pamela Rogers, provided the court with a medical report detailing Russell’s ongoing treatment for alcoholism. Despite this, Russell pleaded guilty to reporting for duty as a pilot while impaired by drink or drugs.

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In response to inquiries, Delta Airlines declined to comment on the matter. The case has been deferred for sentencing, with Sheriff Alison Stirling ordering the preparation of reports to assess the appropriate course of action. This incident serves as a sobering reminder of the strict regulations and responsibilities imposed on airline personnel to ensure the safety of passengers and crew.

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